Do not argue with an admin! An admins decision is final and leaves no further discussion.
If you have a problem, DO NOT spam it in chat. Make a ticket on discord.
If you want to discuss something you can go to Discord.


Create a ticket and add all required information
No refunds unless there is video evidence and a discord ticket has been made


2.1. No hacking.
2.2. No hate speech
2.3. No comp for connection issues.
2.4. Respect staff at all times as we respect you, this also goes for all other players.
2.5. No duping. Any attempt at duping will result in a permanent ban.
2.6. No Combat Logging. Any player caught Combat logging will be banned for 24 hours.
2.7. To pretend to be an Administrator is prohibited.(24hr ban on first offense, perm for second)
2.8. No spamming Sidechat.
2.9. No kamikaze-Includes players,Bases,traders.
2.10.You cannot take over someone’s base
2.11.No camping safezones.
2.12.No camping safezones from bases.
2.13.No Combat evading
2.14.Not sure of a rule contact an admin.
2.15. Bases need to be 1500m from any trader
2.16. Bases need to be 1250m from any air field
2.17. No more then 2 plots per group
2.18. If not in a group you can only have 1 plot pole
2.19. No Sky bases… Bases need doors at the ground.
2.20. Do not make reports / ask for refunds, if you don’t have evidence.