Server rules
1. No spamming VOIP or in-game chat. 
    1A. Spamming includes megaphones, playing music, or intentionally being loud in discord or game.
2. No bashing, threatening, or provoking any form of real life harm in-game or discord.
3. No impersonating staff in any form is allowed. If you find admin clothing or head gear report it to staff.
    3A. This also includes names or even stating that you're an admin. Doesn't have to be gear.
4. No racism, racist or degrading content 
    4A. Degrading content is homophobic slurs, transgender slurs, lesbian slurs, and/or bisexual slurs.
5. No advertising other sites of any form or servers of any form. (Permission must be requested from Drox).
6. Any form of vehicles are to be used at your own risk. 
    6A. A vehicle is a thing used for transporting people or goods.
7. Clans, groups, guilds, and solo-players are allowed to have 4 vehicles stored at base. 
9. Do not use the @everyone / @here ping without permissions from admins or higher ranking.
10. Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, and other exploits.
Safezone rules
1. Stealing, Blocking, buidling, and/or playing music is not ALLOWED.
    1A. Blocking includes players, roads, or traders of any form.
    1B. Stealing includes accessing players vehicles or accessing them to take stuff.
2. When making transactions with traders of any form make sure you have SPACE!
3. No combat strafing, Camping, or waiting outside of Safezone. 
4. No following, tracking, tracing players leaving safezone.
5. Any form of vehicle left at trader will be deleted.
Basebuilding rules
1. NO Building can be done within 1000m from trader or 500m from military encampments.
2. NO Building in air or roads. This includes blocking roadways.
3. Stacking tents, barrels, military cases, or any objects is NOT allowed.
4. Building on-top of buildings can only be 1 wall, window, floor, or roof high.
Baseraiding rules
1. No stacking or glitching of any kind.
2. Raiding must be done through doors. 
    2A. Player stacking up to 3.
3. NO griefing bases.
    3A. This includes dropping gear your not taking.
    3b. Destroying tents, cabinets, guns, walls for no reason.
    3C. Knocking down walls is allowed if you take all the supplies. Any supplies left behind its considered greifing. 
4. NO base camping longer than 2 hours.
    4A. This does not stack or transfer over from day to day.
    4B. Raiding a base is not considered camping at all.


Be aware that these rules are subject to change so make sure you check them regularly! Changes will be announced on discord.